Exhibit: West is East is West

Mies Van Der Rohe
June 16, 2007 to July 29, 2007
5:00 am


IIT, S.R. Crown Hall, 3360 South State Street, Chicago


Monday - Sunday, 10:00am-3:00pm (closed June 23 and July 4)

This study explores the similarities between West and East that we find concealed in their architecture. It reveals striking parallels between Mies van der Rohe’s conceptions and Eastern philosophy. Documents unpublished as yet point out constructive analogies between the works of this pioneer of Western architecture and traditional building art of the East. Without suggesting any direct interdependence, the comparison brings to light the deep correlations of an architectural rationality that knows no boundaries, enabling us to witness a fascinating face-to-face of West and East.

-Werner Blaser


$5.00 for non-members. Free for all Mies Society and Elmhurst Art Museum members